Gathering around the television to watch football is almost as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as eating half your body weight in turkey and stuffing. The weather can be a make-or-break factor in football games, but will it make a difference this Thanksgiving?

Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions—12:30 PM—Detroit, Michigan

The Bears are traveling to Detroit tomorrow to play the Lions at Ford Field. The weather looks like it'll pretty raw for folks *walking from their cars to the stadium—early afternoon temperatures at kickoff will sit in the mid-30s with some light snow showers possible. Light winds will make the cold air feel even colder—a 10 MPH wind with a 35°F air temperature results in a wind chill value of around 26°F.

It's worth noting that there shouldn't be any accumulation from the snow showers—it'll be more of an annoyance than anything you'll have to sweep or shovel on your way to your car, because the stadium is indoors.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys—4:30 PM—Arlington, Texas

You couldn't ask for a nicer afternoon than what folks *outside of AT&T Stadium will experience during the Eagles/Cowboys game on Thursday evening. Temperatures will sit in the upper 50s around kickoff and slowly drop to around 50°F by 9:00 PM. with the aid of clear skies and radiational cooling. It might get a little uncomfortable if you're not a fan of chilly weather (and you're outside the stadium!), but it could be worse (see the "history" blurb below).

Seattle Seahawks vs. S.F. 49ers—8:30 PM—Santa Clara, California

The weather in Santa Clara for the Seahawks/49ers game on Thursday night will be very similar to what they'll experience in Texas. Clear skies, light winds, and temperatures at kickoff in the upper 50s, cooling into the 40s after midnight.

Thanksgiving Football Weather History

Back in 1993, weather conditions led to one of the most memorable Thanksgiving football games in recent memory. A winter storm dropped a coating of snow and sleet in Dallas during a game between the Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. Immediately after Dallas blocked a field goal attempt by Miami, Cowboys player Leon Lett slipped on the ice and fell into the football, ultimately costing the Cowboys their win. Ouch.

[Image: AP]

CORRECTION: Ha! Both the Detroit and Dallas games are indoors, which was overlooked by the weather guy who wrote this post (and who is also not a fan of football). Asterisks denote the areas where I've corrected the parts that mention "folks in the stands" or something to that effect. My apologies for the embarrassing error. Live and learn.

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