Jaden Smith just Tweeted a link to a YouTube video of an airplane producing condensation trails. There is no context; his last Tweet was more than a week ago. It's just a link to the video. Is this the Illuminati proving that chemtrails exist? Let's wildly speculate.

The most likely explanation is that this is a signal that Jaden is making the slow transition into the chemtrail conspiracy theory, in which case it adds a new dimension to the group of loonbins who actually believe that the water vapor trails left behind by high-flying aircraft are really chemicals being dumped into the atmosphere to make us sick or control the weather.

If it's not that, then what? Is it a reference to something people over the age of 13 aren't cool enough to understand? Here are the most recent replies to his mysterious Tweet:

  • no
  • swag
  • ok
  • <3 <3
  • love u
  • and
  • #chemtrails
  • same

I guess I'm not just "hip" or "rad" or "with-it" enough to understand today's youth and their strange ways.

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