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An Oregon photographer took an absolutely stunning time lapse video of a thunderstorm bubbling up near Mount Hood, sending its gorgeous, multicolored clouds streaming over the snow-capped mountain peak and across the horizon.

The photographer, Blaine Franger, posted the video to his Facebook page on Saturday with the following caption:

A quick informal timelapse of last night's (8/1/14) sunset over Mt Hood & Hood River Valley. Sorry no music or editing effects, just natural beauty of the time passing by on a gorgeous summer evening :)

Blaine is a photographer who runs a photo website called Beautiful Hood River, where he posts incredible pictures of the Hood River and Columbia River Gorge region.

Parts of the northwestern United States have seen thunderstorm activity for the past couple of days, with one line even resulting in widespread wind damage around Spokane, Washington yesterday evening, knocking out power to more than 60,000 residents.

On average, the Pacific Northwest generally sees thunderstorm activity only 5 to 10 days per year.

[video by Blaine Franger via his Facebook page, Beautiful Hood River]