Not one to pass up low-hanging fruit, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon created a shockingly not-unfunny parody commercial making fun of The Weather Channel for planning to dump their reality shows and shift back to 100% live weather coverage in the near future. As the gruff announcer shouts: “Buckle up, buttercup, because WEATHER. IS. BACK!”

Last week, The Weather Channel released some unexpected news that the network will soon end its reality shows and go back to showing live weather coverage 24 hours a day, much like it did during the first few decades of its existence.

Those reality shows do pretty well in terms of generating ratings and revenue—last July’s second season finale of Scruffy Huffing Woodsfest garnered more than 1.5 million viewers—but the network decided that they can’t focus on both long-form programming and live weather coverage if they want to survive in the future. The changing landscape requires media outlets to be good at one thing, and The Weather Channel chose to once again focus all of their resources on the weather, according to the television network’s president David Clark on Monday night’s episode of WeatherBrains, a weekly podcast about the weather.

Fallon’s skit is funny (for a change!) because it isn’t too far from the truth. Many longtime viewers are amped that The Weather Channel plans to fully devote itself to the weather again, blowing our minds with stratus clouds morning, noon, and night. (Hopefully.)

[Video: The Tonight Show via YouTube]

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