It's been a while since we've heard from our chemtrail friends, but fear not! They haven't come around to facing reality—they've been in the studio, and now they're back dropping the hottest parody album of the year. This week's new single is "Smells Like Chemtrail Spirit," and it's a doozy.

If you're lucky enough not to know what I'm talking about, the chemtrail conspiracy theory falsely asserts that the wispy condensation trails (contrails) left behind by high-flying aircraft are really jets of chemicals being sprayed into the atmosphere to make us sick and control the weather. The belief in chemtrails also falls under the wider umbrella of "geoengineering," which is pushed by a small but vocal subset of people who believe that weather rarely occurs naturally anymore, and almost all weather conditions we experience are engineered by The Man.

In reality, contrails are produced by the hot, moist exhaust of aircraft flying in the bitterly cold temperatures of the upper atmosphere. Sometimes contrails dissipate almost immediately, and on high humidity days, contrails can linger for hours and spread out into a thin deck of cirrus clouds. The concept behind it is almost the same as seeing your breath on a cold morning, but on a much more extreme scale.

Activists who hold an unfettered belief in chemtrails go all-out to sway people to their way of thinking, including holding protests that nobody attends, raising awareness through social media, and flooding local government meetings in order to force local officials to do something—anything—to stop physics.

One of the most interesting chemtrail activists by far is Michael Fleming, who goes the extra mile in his activism against the scourge of one's imagination. Fleming creates song parodies to raise awareness about the cause, including the video above, a rip on Nirvana's classic "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

The prolific YouTuber's portfolio is quite dense, with parodies ranging from Lady Gaga ("muh muh muh muh chemtrail face") and Judy Garland ("Somewhere Under the Chembow"), to his inimitable take on the classic Addams Family opening tune:

The themes that run through Fleming's work are what one typically sees among chemtrail believers, including the idea that citizens are being "raped" by the government, along with a desire to shoot down aircraft that they believe are conducting these mythical spraying campaigns.

The weather control/chemtrail conspiracy theories will pick up steam as we head into the winter months, what with fake snow that won't melt and hippos and dogs conspiring to spray us.

It's going to be a long winter.

[Videos via Michael Fleming/YouTube]

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