If you’re sitting at the airport and can hardly wait to get to your warm, tropical destination, you can get a small taste of the weather there before you even set foot on the airplane. The largest airport in Stockholm, Sweden, now has a nifty room called a “climate portal” that simulates weather conditions at your destination while you’re still at the gate.

The video above begins with a great nugget of a speech talking about how the weather is integral in who we are and everything we do. “The weather is something that affects us all. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, it affects you,” says Dev Malhotra, the project’s executive technical director.

The portal is a fascinating piece of equipment I would love to have in my living room, if it fit and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. The device compiles current weather observations from select cities around the world and changes the climate inside each of the portal’s three chambers to simulate the weather at that destination. If you were to fly from Stockholm to Dubai, for example, you could step into the portal during the Dubai demonstration and feel the hot, arid climate you’d experience on the ground in just a few hours. Flying to Canada in February? Feel the biting cold of a Toronto morning to give you a sense of dread as you munch on airline peanuts.

The portal is open to everyone traveling through the airport until the end of August, so if your travel plans take you to Stockholm over the next two months, try out the portal and become the envy of weather geeks the world over.

[Video: Swedavia via YouTube]

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