A man in Gray, Tennessee stood on his porch yesterday afternoon and filmed a small tornado no more than 20 feet away from his house. The tornado swept across the street and passed between his and his neighbor's homes, pelting the man with debris as he rushed to go back inside.

The man, whose username is "cfields33" on YouTube, posted the following description with his video:

Gray, TN - Tornado came through our neighborhood and went right between our neighbor's house and ours. Wind was blowing so hard the door wouldn't open. It knocked down all 3 trees in our backyard and threw an R.V. on top of a truck right behind us.

Gray, Tennessee is in the northeastern part of the state, about halfway between Kingsport and Johnson City on Interstate 26.

Tennessee bore the brunt of an unusual July tornado outbreak yesterday, with numerous tornadoes touching down across the eastern part of the state. The worst tornado struck Clairfield, Tennessee, where almost a dozen homes were destroyed when a powerful tornado moved through the town. The tornado was so strong that the debris was visible on radar imagery.

It goes without saying that the man did everything you're not supposed to do during a tornado, and that he's lucky that he escaped the storm with his life, let alone without serious injury. Even the weakest tornadoes are dangerous. But hey — the endless stupidity of people provides us with the best tornado videos.

[Video via cfields33 on YouTube]