Building This Snow Coaster Is the Best Thing You Can Do This Winter

Dennis Mersereau · 12/18/14 12:22PM

If you dread the thought of a long winter and being stuck inside with your family for weeks or months on end, you can make the most of the impending wintry doom by recreating this awesome sledding snow coaster in your backyard. I'm jealous I never thought of this when I was a kid.

Dennis Mersereau · 10/30/14 11:26PM

You are required to watch this masterpiece at least ten times today. You're welcome. Happy Halloween.

Here Are Four Months of Storms Condensed into a Two Minute Video

Dennis Mersereau · 08/31/14 11:45AM

We often see animated satellite images of storms over the Atlantic that show us 12- or 24-hour loops, but how about a satellite loop that lasts 2,150 hours? An ambitious YouTuber created this awesome time lapse video showing four months of storms over the western Pacific in just two minutes.

Here's an Incredible Time Lapse of a Monster Storm in St. Louis

Dennis Mersereau · 08/21/14 02:58PM

A resident of St. Louis took an awesome time lapse of a strong thunderstorm rolling across his neighborhood yesterday. The storm bubbled up on the horizon before racing towards the camera, developing an awesome shelf cloud along the way.

Mensch Montana Storm Ruins Rick Springfield Concert, Frees Alpacas

Dennis Mersereau · 08/19/14 01:04PM

Chaos and relief erupted at a county fair in Montana over the weekend after a severe thunderstorm tore down two crowded tents and stopped a Rick Springfield concert from happening. The storm also set free a majestic herd of alpacas, bless its heart.

Lightning Destroyed the Zephyrometer in a Fireball Yesterday

Dennis Mersereau · 08/15/14 12:33PM

The New Zealand capital's famed Zephyrometer, a weathery sculpture that stands a little over 100 feet tall, met its demise after a thunderstorm struck Wellington on Thursday and a bolt of lightning destroyed the sculpture in a fireball, hurling its fiery remains onto the street below.

Man Struck by Lightning While Trying to Catch Lightning on Camera

Dennis Mersereau · 08/04/14 04:19PM

A Seattle man out for a walk this past Saturday stopped to film the sky in hopes of seeking out some bolts of lightning from an oncoming storm, but he got more than he bargained for when the lightning sought him out instead.

Tennessee Man Stands on Porch and Films Tornado 20 Feet Away

Dennis Mersereau · 07/28/14 12:09PM

A man in Gray, Tennessee stood on his porch yesterday afternoon and filmed a small tornado no more than 20 feet away from his house. The tornado swept across the street and passed between his and his neighbor's homes, pelting the man with debris as he rushed to go back inside.

Storm Unleashes Crazy Torrent of Water in Colorado Springs

Dennis Mersereau · 07/16/14 09:04PM

Slow-moving thunderstorms around Colorado Springs this afternoon dumped enormous amounts of rain over the region in a short period of time, leading to dangerous flash flooding across the area. One resident of the city took this incredible video of the water pounding a bridge with the fury of Niagara Falls.

Watch This Terrifying Video of a Mudslide in Japan

Dennis Mersereau · 07/10/14 10:38PM

Heavy rain caused by Tropical Storm Neoguri triggered this intense mudslide in Nagiso, Japan on Wednesday. The video shows a muddy waterfall violently overtaken by an onslaught of trees, mud, and debris. The mudslide destroyed numerous homes and businesses, killing a 12-year-old boy and sending more than 200 people to shelters in the area.

Listen to Enormous Hail Pound This Airplane in Texas

Dennis Mersereau · 06/13/14 11:42AM

A meteorologist on board an American Eagle jet taxiing to the runway in Abilene, Texas yesterday took a video of golf ball size hail pounding the Embraer ERJ-145 for more than seven minutes while they sat on the taxiway. The plane had to turn back to the gate because of the damage.