Please Start Using Google Image Search to Kill Fake, Viral Pictures

Dennis Mersereau · 10/26/15 04:27PM

If you scrolled through Facebook or Twitter this weekend, odds are you saw at least a dozen different pictures of Hurricane Patricia. There’s a pretty good chance at least half of them were fake or misrepresented. If you have an internet browser, you have access to a quick and easy viral image debunker. The internet will be a better place if we all start using it.

CBS News Just Can't Figure Out How to Report on Tornadoes

Dennis Mersereau · 05/06/15 04:18PM

CBS News continued its tortured and factually-adjacent track record of reporting on tornadoes today, tweeting out a picture of an ominous lowering in an Oklahoma thunderstorm with the overblown caption “massive tornado takes form.” They soon corrected the tweet with one just as dubious.

Dennis Mersereau · 12/17/14 05:35PM

ABC News Meteorologist: "Like Most People, Weather Makes Me Horny"

Dennis Mersereau · 09/16/14 02:49PM

Most broadcast mets won't say "heck" for fear that their more easily-offended viewers will stiff them. ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano likes to live on the hard edge. A loud crack of thunder can be exciting, but I don't know how many weather geeks would admit it puts a kink in their isobar.

Ohio Weatherman Tweets Shirtless Selfie, Blames His Wife

Dennis Mersereau · 07/23/14 11:59AM

A meteorologist for a television station in Ohio Anthony Weinered himself on Twitter this morning when he sent out a shirtless selfie, only to delete it a few minutes later and then blame his wife for doing it on a dare.

Nobody Cares About Your Tweets

Dennis Mersereau · 07/22/14 01:41PM

The vast majority of Tweets are useless. Twitter feeds are an endless stream of #random and #unnecessary hashtags, shady shortened links, and poorly-made pictures hawking one's favorite political candidate (who probably sucks). And yet, we keep Tweeting. Why?

The Weather Channel Will Soon Start Geotargeting You on Twitter

Dennis Mersereau · 06/13/14 01:51PM

Everyone jokes that when hurricane season arrives, all you see on The Weather Channel are ads for Home Depot and batteries. Well, they really do target advertising based on the seasons, and now they're going to use your location on Twitter to show you ads tailored to your current weather.