Severe Storms Threatening Northeast, May Hit Philly & NYC Near Rush Hour

Dennis Mersereau · 05/27/15 01:50PM

A line of thunderstorms rolling into the Northeast has the potential to produce wind gusts to 70 MPH and hail to the size of ping pong balls as they move through. A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect ahead of the storms, which could impact the heavily-populated I-95 corridor around rush hour.

Of Course It's Going to Snow Tomorrow, the First Day of Spring

Dennis Mersereau · 03/19/15 05:15PM

Forecasters have growing confidence that it's going to snow tomorrow in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Some cities from Pennsylvania to Long Island could see five or more inches of snow by the time it's over on Friday night. Oh, and tomorrow is the first day of spring. Nature has a twisted sense of humor.

The Crash of Delta 1086 Is Exactly Why Airlines Cancel Flights for Snow

Dennis Mersereau · 03/05/15 04:43PM

We've all moaned and groaned over flights cancelled due to weather. It's maddening to miss your connection (or even your whole trip) because of bad weather, but incidents like today's crash of Delta 1086 in a snowy New York City are exactly why they make that tough call that can affect millions of travelers.

Boston Expecting Another Major Snowstorm, NYC Could See Freezing Rain

Dennis Mersereau · 02/08/15 01:29PM

Boston, the newly-minted capital of Canada and inspiration for Disney's Frozen, is in the path of an approaching storm system this afternoon that threatens to drop up to two feet of snow on the city and surrounding areas by sunrise on Tuesday. To the south, New York City could see an icy mess as a result of freezing rain.

Why NYC's "Historic" Blizzard Didn't Live up to the Hype

Dennis Mersereau · 01/27/15 10:51AM

If you woke up this fine Tuesday morning to find much less snow than forecasters predicted, you're likely one of the thousands of angry people sprinting to the computer to voice your outrage—outrage!!!—that those lowlife, idiotic, goodfernothin' meteorologists can't get anything right. Here's why you're wrong.

What You Need to Know About Today's "Crippling" Blizzard: Monday Update

Dennis Mersereau · 01/26/15 06:45AM

After a short night of restless sleep, it appears that forecasters are still predicting the end of the world in the Northeast this evening. If you haven't panicked yet, you have several hours to do so before it's too late. Hug your children. Hoard booze. This is not a drill. Here's what you need to know to make it through the storm.

NWS: NYC Is About to See a "Crippling and Potentially Historic Blizzard"

Dennis Mersereau · 01/25/15 04:04PM

The National Weather Service just issued a blizzard warning for the entire coast of the Northeast from southeastern New Jersey through Maine in anticipation of whiteout conditions as this week's "crippling and potentially historic blizzard" ramps up. Anyone who ventures out during the height of the storm will face life-threatening conditions.

What Were Those Horrifying Death Clouds Over NYC This Morning?

Dennis Mersereau · 09/30/14 12:57PM

Social media lit up around 7:30 this morning with hundreds of pictures of an incredibly dramatic sky over New York City, with layers of dark, intense clouds swirling over Manhattan. Clouds this ominous usually signal the approach of a horrible storm or Tammy Swanson. What kind of clouds were they?

What Are the Odds of Derek Jeter's Last Game Getting Rained Out?

Dennis Mersereau · 09/25/14 12:18PM

As the sports world mournfully (or gleefully) waits for Derek Jeter to play his last game on Thursday night, the big question isn't whether or not the Yankees will win, but will the game go on at all? Let's look at the chances of this nor'easter raining out Jeter's last game.

Rainy, Windy Nor'easter Moving Nor'east Towards Nor'east

Dennis Mersereau · 09/24/14 01:55PM

The first nor'easter of the year is developing over nor'eastern Nor'Carolina this afternoon, leaving residents from D.C. to Boston getting ready for some much-needed rain. The term "nor'easter" is causing some concern for residents, but fear not: it's too warm to snow.

Washington D.C. and New York City Could See Severe Weather Today

Dennis Mersereau · 07/02/14 03:06PM

Intense thunderstorms are bubbling up along much of the East Coast this afternoon, some of which are turning severe. The worst of the storms are occurring eastern New York right now, and they may threaten New York City by rush hour.

Severe Thunderstorms Will Threaten New York City by 6:00PM

Dennis Mersereau · 06/13/14 04:17PM

A line of severe thunderstorms is moving into the New York City metro area from the west, and should start to threaten the city itself around 6:00PM. The storms are capable of producing damaging straight-line winds in excess of 60 MPH, as well as torrential rainfall and "continuous cloud-to-ground lightning."

Look for 'Manhattanhenge' Before Sunset This Evening

Dennis Mersereau · 05/29/14 08:00AM

A phenomenon known as "Manhattanhenge" will make its biannual appearance before sunset this evening in New York City. The event occurs when the sun perfectly aligns itself down the middle of any east-west street in Manhattan, bringing people outside in masses to try to get pictures of the occurrence.

Slow-Moving Storms Prompt Flash Flood Warning in New York City, Newark

Dennis Mersereau · 05/23/14 07:11PM

A flash flood warning is in effect for areas around and including New York City and Newark, New Jersey as a slow-moving thunderstorm continues to drop a relatively large amount of rain in a short period of time. 2-3 inches of rain have fallen near Newark in the past few hours.

Severe Weather Is Possible in NYC This Evening. Here's What to Expect.

Dennis Mersereau · 05/22/14 12:47PM

Don't panic, for the end is nigh. New York City is right on the edge of a severe thunderstorm watch, and strong storms are moving east as they bubble up across New York and Pennsylvania. Here's what you can expect through the afternoon and evening.