Don't Fall for Weather Hoaxes and Hype as We Head Into Tornado Season

Dennis Mersereau · 04/06/15 03:06PM

The wealth of information available online puts the world at our fingertips—literally! You can click a link and look at a picture taken from space just a few minutes ago. This treasure trove of data is great, but it takes smart consumption to grow smarter about the world around us. Not all sources of weather information are equal, and we need to learn what sources are worth listening to, and which ones are peddling a load of sleet.

We're All Going to Freeze to Death Next Week: A Reader's Guide to Hype

Dennis Mersereau · 11/07/14 01:27PM

We're all about to freeze to death at the hands of an angry Alaskan sea bomb! Or, that's what it sounds like when you scroll through Twitter, anyway. What is this "bomb" everyone is talking about? Just how cold will it get and for how long? That question and more, answered below.

The Weather Channel Called Out the Weenies On Air and It's Glorious

Dennis Mersereau · 08/20/14 04:12PM

In the ultimate sign that the tides have turned and professionals aren't afraid to call out Grade A Weenies anymore for fear of harassment, The Weather Channel talked some sense into the Great Hurricane Hype of 2014, and it's downright refreshing.

A Hurricane Is Coming

Dennis Mersereau · 08/20/14 07:00AM

How do you know when to trust someone when they say "a hurricane is coming?" Should you only trust the NWS? Television weatherpeople? Your favorite Gawker weather blogger? All too often, people don't care where they get their weather information, and that's a huge problem.