Rain and a Hurricane Almost Changed the Course of History on September 11, 2001

Dennis Mersereau · 09/11/15 07:00AM

Everyone remembers the weather fourteen years ago. Every remembrance story, every “where were you when” conversation, every newscast before the attacks mentions how the sky was a brilliant, deep shade of blue the morning the world turned upside down. However, had the sky not been as clear as it was that day—if the hurricane off the coast of New England hadn’t ricocheted toward Canada—it’s very possible that the weather could have permanently changed the course of both American and world history.

This Warm December Weather Will Come to an Abrupt, Frigid End Next Week

Dennis Mersereau · 12/26/14 02:57PM

Are you enjoying the (sort of) warm weather we've seen for the past day or two? Don't get used to it. A surge of Arctic air will deliver subfreezing highs for most of the country early next week. It won't be anywhere near as bad as last winter's "polar vortex" panic, but it'll be a miserable cold spell just in time for the new year.

Everyone Remembers the Weather Thirteen Years Ago

Dennis Mersereau · 09/11/14 07:00AM

When something major happens in our lives, we remember the strangest details. The smell of the car, the music on the radio, what we ate. One of the biggest things that people remember about that day thirteen years ago was the sky. Damn, that was a blue sky.

July 10, 1926: The Day Nature Blew up a Town in New Jersey

Dennis Mersereau · 07/10/14 10:30AM

88 years ago today, an explosion of almost unbelievable proportions rocked northern New Jersey, killing nearly two dozen people and shaking the military to its core. The cause was neither criminal nor was it an act of war, but rather a single bolt of lightning.

Remembering the Jarrell, Texas Tornado

Dennis Mersereau · 05/27/14 03:26PM

Today is the 17th anniversary of the Jarrell, Texas tornado, and Kinja user and weather enthusiast Stephen Uzick has a good write-up about the incredible dynamics that went into producing this deadly F5 tornado back in 1997.

Historic Weather Maps: Tornado Outbreak of April 18, 1880

Dennis Mersereau · 04/18/14 10:30AM

This was a weather map drawn back on April 18, 1880, showing the weather at 1AM Eastern for every weather station in the United States. Less than 24 hours later, dozens of tornadoes would tear across the central United States, killing over 100 people.