The Weather Is About to Make Your World Much Louder (and More Annoying)

Dennis Mersereau · 11/02/15 08:30AM

Fall is getting off to a slow start this year. It gets cool for a couple of days, then it warms right back up (not that that’s a bad thing!). As the cool days outnumber the warm, though, you’ll begin to notice a lot more noise at night and in the morning, and it’s all thanks to the weather.

Cold Haters Rejoice: Abnormally Warm Temps to Continue Through Middle of October

Dennis Mersereau · 10/07/15 04:40PM

If it seems a little warmer than it should for the second week in October, you’re not going out of your mind (okay, well maybe not for this reason). It’s been warmer than normal for most of the country, and we’ll stay that way for the next couple of weeks. The abnormal warmth is doing more than just keeping us from shivering—it’s also keeping the trees from changing colors.

Summer to Fall: Drop Dead, I'm Not Done Yet

Dennis Mersereau · 09/23/15 04:09PM

Today is the first day of astronomical fall. The days are growing noticeably shorter, the leaves are already changing, and the morning air is crisp and energizing. It’s the most wonderful time of the year (only for some of us!), so naturally, summer has to linger and screw it up. Most of the United States will see warmer-than-normal temperatures for the next week or two thanks to a jet stream that’s stuck in heat mode.

Extraordinarily Nice Weather on the Way for the Eastern U.S. This Weekend

Dennis Mersereau · 09/10/15 03:39PM

Most of the time when you see a post here on The Vane, it’s about some horrible weather event somewhere that killed lots of people and destroyed most of their belongings. I have good news for once! We’re about to have an exceptionally nice weekend across the eastern United States, featuring crisp temperatures and mostly clear skies. Such a universally nice weekend is rare, so enjoy it while you can.

Summer's Revenge: September to Begin With a Blast of Heat and Humidity

Dennis Mersereau · 08/31/15 04:12PM

Today is the last day of meteorological summer, and it’s been a long, boring three months. Save for a couple of tropical storms and a derecho or two, there weren’t many weather events that commanded attention. The big story has been the heat and humidity, and that’s what will continue through the first half of September.

Welcome to America's Second Tornado Season

Dennis Mersereau · 10/13/14 04:08PM

As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, many people think they're in the clear and safe from tornadoes. However, the changing weather specifically makes us more vulnerable to tornadoes. Today's severe weather is a hard reminder that we're in the second peak of tornado season.

Today Is Not the First Day of Fall

Dennis Mersereau · 09/22/14 12:27PM

Forget everything you hear and read about today's astronomical significance, as today is not the first day of fall. Today marks the autumnal equinox. Fall began three weeks ago, and any other opinion is wrong.

Summer 2014 Dies at Age Zero

Dennis Mersereau · 09/10/14 04:17PM

So long, summer 2014; we hardly knew you. It looks like tomorrow might be the last day of thermometer summer for much of the eastern United States. A cold front marching eastward will bring with it a line of storms followed by a long stretch of blissful autumnal crispness. Hallelujah.