Monday's Derecho Traveled 1,200 Miles From Minnesota to North Carolina

Dennis Mersereau · 07/14/15 05:00PM

If you ever needed more proof that nature is determined to destroy everything you know and love, consider that a small cluster of thunderstorms that formed in Minnesota on Sunday night grew into a powerful derecho that lasted for 30 hours, traveling nearly 1,200 miles before croaking in North Carolina.

Chicago and Most of Midwest at Risk as Dangerous Severe Storms Develop

Dennis Mersereau · 07/13/15 04:05PM

Round two of a three-day severe weather outbreak across the eastern half of the United States is getting ready to unfold across the Midwest this evening and tonight. The atmosphere is getting antsy, and it looks primed to produce more destructive straight-line winds and maybe even a strong tornado or two. The storms also have the potential to develop into another derecho, much like the one we saw today.

Intense Severe Thunderstorm Outbreaks Are Likely Tonight Through Tuesday

Dennis Mersereau · 07/12/15 04:13PM

A classic summertime severe weather outbreak is likely to unfold over the next few days across the eastern half of the U.S., with each day seeing the potential for extensive straight-line wind damage, large hail, and some tornadoes. The storms could organize into a much-hyped feature known as a “derecho.”

Intense Squall Line Produces Extensive Damage, 95 MPH Wind Gusts in Iowa

Dennis Mersereau · 06/22/15 01:49PM

An intense line of thunderstorms ripped, tore, screamed, blasted, and raced through the state of Iowa this morning, producing wind gusts exceeding 90 MPH in spots. Right or wrong, the storm is being touted as a “derecho” in the media; regardless of the name, the storms were brutal.

A Derecho Is Racing Towards Chicago and Milwaukee With 60-80 MPH Winds

Dennis Mersereau · 06/30/14 04:39PM

"This is a particularly dangerous situation," says the Storm Prediction Center as a derecho is hauling eastward towards the Chicago metro area after producing 80 MPH winds across Iowa. The line should reach the Chicago metro area during rush hour, sometime between 530 and 630 Central Time this evening.

Rare "High Risk" for Severe Storms Issued, Derecho Imminent in Midwest

Dennis Mersereau · 06/03/14 03:42PM

A high risk for severe weather is in place for the Midwest this evening as a life-threatening severe weather outbreak unfolds. Meteorologists issued the highest risk possible as they are now expecting a derecho, or a dangerous line of thunderstorms that produces destructive hurricane-force winds over hundreds of miles.

What Is a Derecho?

Dennis Mersereau · 04/08/14 10:00AM

The media can't survive without a scare term to make you tune in. This winter saw the not-at-all-new-but-scary-sounding polar vortex. Sandy wasn't really a "superstorm" but hey, let's just call it one anyway. And every summer for the last few years, we've seen the derecho. It sounds new and terrifying, but what is it?