Do Not Leave Children or Pets in a Hot Vehicle

Dennis Mersereau · 06/11/15 07:30AM

The ugly heat and humidity of summer is starting to ramp up, and with it comes some silent risks. It’s a habit for many people to leave their children or pets in the car for just a minute so they can run errands. Do not leave your children or pets in a hot vehicle for any length of time, because they will die.

Don't Park Under an Overpass During a Hailstorm

Dennis Mersereau · 04/22/15 03:42PM

Many millions of us will experience severe thunderstorms over the coming weeks and months. When one of these intense storms crops up, a number of you will find yourselves driving into a major hailstorm, during which you may feel the urge to park under an overpass to protect your car. Don’t.