Category Two Hurricane Joaquin Skirting Bermuda

Dennis Mersereau · 10/04/15 03:49PM

Bermuda is under a hurricane warning this afternoon as Hurricane Joaquin makes a very close call with the tiny island that sits 650 miles east of the United States. It’s rare for hurricanes to make a direct landfall on Bermuda due to its tiny size; last year, however, two hurricanes—Fay and Gonzalo—made landfall on the island in one week.

Hurricane Gonzalo Makes Rare Landfall in Bermuda [Updated]

Dennis Mersereau · 10/17/14 08:35PM

Hurricane Gonzalo made landfall on the south-central coast of Bermuda at 8:30 PM EDT with winds of 110 MPH. The calm eye lasted about fifteen minutes before the winds picked back up. Sustained winds near 100 MPH and gusts to 130 MPH were reported across Bermuda.

Bermuda Slammed by Major Hurricane, Ana Skirts by Hawaii in Close Call

Dennis Mersereau · 10/17/14 01:37PM

Two beautiful lands on two different sides of the United States are under the threat of hurricanes today. Hurricane Gonzalo has 125 MPH winds and is nearing landfall in Bermuda, while Tropical Storm Ana is on the verge of hurricane strength as it skirts south of Hawaii.

Bermuda Braces for Catastrophic Damage From Hurricane Gonzalo

Dennis Mersereau · 10/16/14 04:12PM

Hurricane Gonzalo further strengthened into a 145 MPH monster today as it moves north towards Bermuda. Forecasters are confident that the hurricane will make a direct strike on the small island on Friday, potentially producing horrific damage as it moves through.

Category Four Hurricane Gonzalo Poses Grave Threat to Bermuda

Dennis Mersereau · 10/15/14 01:46PM

The small island nation of Bermuda—sitting in the Atlantic about 650 miles east of North Carolina—is in grave danger from category four Hurricane Gonazlo as the intense storm approaches. Bermuda could experience winds of up to 120 MPH if the storm tracks close enough.

Weather Explainer: What Is a Subtropical Storm?

Dennis Mersereau · 10/10/14 02:12PM

Another day, another explainable weather event. Subtropical Storm Fay is on the cusp of developing in the Atlantic Ocean, and it's likely going to brush Bermuda in a few days. What is a "subtropical storm" and why is it different from a regular ol' tropical storm?