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Someone managed to pull a classic (but weak) Howard Stern prank during NBC Chicago’s live coverage of a tornado warning southwest of Chicago on Monday night. Even better than the call itself was the reaction of the worried anchors, who were completely oblivious to what happened.

A long-lived supercell produced several reports of tornadoes southwest of Chicago on Monday evening, with strong rotation threatening the small town of Morris, Illinois, along with blinding rain and strong winds.

During the storm, the station patched through a call from a man who said his name was Ryan, claiming to be in the back of his tractor trailer in Morris waiting out fury of the storm. After asking a couple of questions, the meteorologist asked him what kind of weather he was seeing at that moment.

“It looks like that circulation, that tornado, is between Morris and Seneca. And is it raining heavily around you now?”

“Yeah, the wind is blowing really heavily, like it’s a blast from Howard Stern’s asshole.”




...had to have one of those, didn’t ya?”

A minute later, the meteorologist tossed coverage back to Rob and Allison at the anchor desk, who masterfully dealt with the prank by being completely unaware of what just happened.

“We’re concern—I’m concerned about Ryan back in his truck. Uh, right now, Ryan? Are you near a building that you can get into? He, he, he lost the phone, okay.”

“Ryan said he’s in the back of his truck.”

Live severe weather coverage is a lifesaving tool that works to ensure that everyone is safe during the storm, even someone under the influence of Howard Stern’s asshole, apparently. Right on, NBC Chicago. Right on.

[Video: NBC Chicago]

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