A video making the rounds this afternoon purports to show a flash flood tearing through a Serbian neighborhood, tearing away fences and hurling cars and trees downstream as if they were toys.

The Balkans have been particularly hard-hit by flooding over the past couple of months, with yet another round of flash flooding being reported in eastern Serbia along the Danube River, according the Associated Press:

New floods in the Balkans isolated parts of eastern Serbia on Monday as swollen rivers swept away roads and bridges, cutting power supplies and phone lines.

Emergency measures have been declared in the hardest-hit municipalities where heavy rains caused rivers to burst banks and surge into villages, flooding homes and streets.

The video's source on YouTube does not specify whether this footage is from the current round of flooding or from those events seen earlier this year.

The major floods seen in the Balkans back in May even caused an unusual problem for local residents, as rising waters unearthed thousands of landmines that were planted during the Yugoslav Wars that unfolded during the 1990s.

[video via YouTube | h/t TWC's Mike Seidel]

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