Yesterday's snowfall makes this the snowiest winter* on record in Detroit, Michigan, which has seen 94.8" of snow so far this season. This breaks the record of 93.6" set all the way back in the winter of 1880-81. The Motor City typically sees around 42" of snow each year.

In addition to this all-time snowfall record, Detroit also saw at least 1" of snow on the ground for 77 consecutive days between December 31 and March 17, breaking the record of 73 days set back in 1978.

Detroit joins neighboring city Flint, Michigan — as well as Toledo, Ohio and Peoria, Illinois — in seeing their snowiest winters ever recorded.

On the east coast, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania saw its second snowiest winter on record with 68" of the white stuff this season.

Yesterday's snowfall in Chicago further cemented this year's position as the third snowiest winter recorded in the Windy City, measuring a total of 82" of snow this season. The NWS also notes that yesterday was the first time in Chicago's history where more than half an inch of snow fell on the same day that the high temperature exceeded 60 degrees. Yesterday's high temperature in Chicago was 63 degrees, and the city measured 1.4" of snow.

As of this morning, nearly 20% of the continental United States had at least a dusting of snow on the ground.

(*Even though it's not really winter anymore, snowfall records for a season begin on July 1 and end on June 30)

[Image via AP]