The makers of Reynolds Wrap are thrilled to announce the latest loony chapter in the long running battle against chemtrails, with residents of Shasta County, California DEMANDING that their county stop the federal government from spraying them with non-existent chemicals. L'horreur!

If you haven't heard, the "chemtrail" conspiracy theory insists that the condensation trails (contrails) left behind by the moist exhaust of high-flying aircraft are really jets of chemicals sprayed out to make you sick or change the weather. It's a well-documented strain of crazy and patently untrue.

Well, it's the middle of the summer and they're at it again. Last week, more than 400 people set an attendance record at the County Board of Supervisors meeting in Shasta County, California to bring attention to and demand action on the scourge of chemtrail spraying. Supervisor Les Baugh announced the topic as "a discussion to receive input and discuss matters regarding geoengineering chemtrails, consider providing direction to staff, and consider taking other appropriate action as necessary."

In other words, Shasta County decided to let the crazies talk craziness. According to, the Board actually agreed to investigate the "chemtrails" by the end of the meeting.

In a unanimous decision during their regular meeting July 15, Supervisors David Kehoe, Leonard Moty, Pam Giancomini, Bill Schappel and Chair Les Baugh agreed to determine if the county's current monitoring program is up to detecting the presence of aluminum oxide nan-oparticles in the air, water and soil.

Schappel rejected a suggestion from county staff to rely on federal studies on the issue, stating, "Any federal information will be skewed. We need a local study, then take the results to the feds and say, what about this?"

Here is the hour-long meeting in its entirety, with the main discussion led by the man who makes a lot of money off of gullible people by running a website called "Geoengineering Watch."

Mr. Baugh entertained most of the questions. Around the 13 minute and 20 second mark, he asks the guy who runs Geoengineering Watch "why does the spraying create a drought in California and flooding in the Midwest?"

The guy answered:

When you aerosolize the storm track, and the science backs up what I'm saying word-for-word, you diminish and disperse the rain. This is not seeding to create rain, it's seeding to create artificial cloud cover. And because there's too many condensation nuclei it tends to disperse that moisture exactly as we've seen over California again and again.

He went on to say that the top scientist for the California Energy Commission agreed with him, as do M.I.T. and Scientific American.

The problem is, he's talking out of his ass. The science does not back up what he's saying, because there is no truth behind the assertion that airplanes from California to Tennessee to North Carolina to France and beyond are spraying chemicals to alter the weather or make people sick. It's just not true. Two months ago I covered most of the chemtrail conspiracy theorists' assertions in a post called "Why I Write About (and Debunk) the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory."

Lately, they've been using one ridiculous argument that I haven't mentioned in any of my previous posts. They point out that a man filed a patent back in the 1990s to spray chemicals into the atmosphere to stem global warming, claiming that this is proof positive that airplanes are leaving behind immense trails of chemicals. No, it's not. Using chemmie logic, there is also a patent for a time machine, so that proves my theory that Doctor Who is a documentary.

Shasta County, California isn't the only place infected by the asinine conspiracies. Earlier this month, an Arizona State Senator held a meeting in Lake Havasu City to address citizens' concerns about condensation trails. Raw Story reports that officials in Tennessee are also having to deal with a "rising tide of idiots" asking about chemtrails.

If you're waiting with bated breath for their next outburst of lunacy, it's going to be a while. They're too preoccupied with the conspiracies surrounding MH17 to spray out any new nonsense.

[top image of the reptilians spraying us with dihydrogen monoxide taken by the author]

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