A surveillance camera in a Farmer's Co-Op Store in Pilger, Nebraska caught the terrifying moment that one of the twin EF-4 tornadoes swept through the town last month, demolishing a large part of the building in mere seconds.

The video is about ten minutes long — skip to the 1:00 mark for the "action," if you will. A few minutes after the tornado sweeps through, the people who sought refuge in the back of the store return to survey the damage. The video is a testament to the power of tornadoes; it took seconds to go from relative calm to utter calamity.

This is the latest in a string of intense security camera videos released by organizations struck by tornadoes this year. Two weeks ago, a gas station surveillance camera in Wisconsin captured a direct hit from an EF-1 tornado, and back in April a camera installed outside a church in Tupelo, Mississippi witnessed the full fury of a destructive EF-3 twister.