We're suffering from a near-fatal case of boring August weather, and it's just awful.

The only thing worth mentioning in the United States at the moment is the typical bout of summertime thunderstorms occurring across the southeast. A broken squall line is moving through northern Mississippi and Alabama, and the northern Gulf Coast has a textbook case of typical pop-up thunderstorms. The HPC notes that the storms along/south of the Tennessee border could produce some flash flooding this afternoon.

Parts of the Plains could see some severe weather as the day goes on, carrying with them the possibility for quarter size or larger hail and 60+ MPH winds.

Other than that...there's nothing else worth talking about this afternoon. That hazards map from the NWS is about as clear as it can get. The pink colors indicate red flag warnings (fire weather), the bright green is a flood warning, and the teal up near Duluth, Minnesota is a "beach hazards statement" for high waves and rip currents on Lake Superior.

It's hard out here for a weather blogger. Someone needs to tell those weather control people to step up their game.