Activists in dozens of cities across the globe are preparing to chant "hey hey, ho ho, chemtrails have got to go!" this weekend as part of the Global March Against Chemtrail and Geoengineering. Hoo boy.

If you aren't familiar with the chemtrail conspiracy theory, it's a growing belief that the contrails—short for "condensation trails"—left behind by the moist exhaust of high-flying aircraft are really chemicals being sprayed by The Man in order to make you sick and control the weather. The existence of contrails is the same reason you can see your breath or car exhaust on a cold morning. If the upper-atmosphere is very humid, the contrails can stick around for hours and spread out, forming a thin deck of cirrus clouds.

The activists plan to hold numerous marches across the United States, including one in New York City:

PLACE: The Local - Rooftop bar - West 33rd St and 8th Ave NYC (there is a court yard next to this restaurant) We will march towards 34th St to WNBC Studios (34th St & 5th Ave) from there we will go back down 5th Ave to WABC Studios (Penn Stat), TIME: 13:30 (EDT)

Here's a full list of these chemtrail protest locations, which I have forwarded to the proper spraying auth...I mean, linked here for your information. If you have a few hours to kill on Saturday and head to one of these groundbreaking protests, send in your pictures and stories! We'd love to have them.

What is the end game for these protests, you might ask? The protest's organizers hope to use awareness to stop "high altitude aerosol spraying" and the subsequent ecocide being perpetrated by The Man. Instead of "clap harder or Tinkerbell will die," it's "think harder and physics will cease to be."

Geoengineering activists almost never offer plans on how to stop chemtrails (since they don't exist), but they want you to be aware. Be aware and look up. Watch their YouTube videos and look up. Give them advertising money. Be aware. Look up. Get scared and give them money.

And don't forget the vinegar.

If you're interested in learning more about the theory (including why it's hogwash), here's a handy list of previous posts in The Vane's coverage of the chemtrail conspiracy theory.

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