The online weather mainstay Weather Underground underwent a major overhaul earlier this week, ditching its familiar white-and-blue look and transforming into a sleek, modern weather hub meant to make it easier for you to see the most weather with the least hassle.

The entire purpose behind the redesign was to make the site easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate, with improved typeface, more user-friendly graphics, and more information in one spot to prevent endless scrolling or glancing left and right trying to find what you're looking for.

As someone who usually hates website redesigns (lookin' at you, Facebook), I'm pretty impressed with the new Wunderground. The 10-day forecast graph is visually appealing and incredibly informative, showing both the standard temp/icon forecast as well as the interactive graph directly below it that allows you to mouse over all 10 days and get an hour-by-hour look at the forecast.

The good thing about the redesign is that the ugly ad inundation is confined to the home page. The forecast page is relatively unencumbered by advertising (for now), allowing you to check the weather without having to scroll past that great family deal from State Farm.

Reaction to the overhaul is mostly positive but tends to jump from one extreme to the other — you either love it or you hate it. The biggest complaint I've seen so far is that the site has too much white space that irritates people with more sensitive eyes.

If you don't like the new look, the old Weather Underground design is still available at

[Images via Wunderground]