Intense thunderstorms are bubbling up along much of the East Coast this afternoon, some of which are turning severe. The worst of the storms are occurring eastern New York right now, and they may threaten New York City by rush hour.

The biggest threats with today's storms include damaging winds up to 70 MPH, hail up to the size of ping pong balls, and possibly a tornado or two, especially around the Hudson Valley (though that threat is diminishing).

Numerous severe thunderstorms are already ongoing from northeastern Pennsylvania to western Massachusetts, with multiple reports of wind damage, large hail, and even some flash flooding coming in.

The storms are forming into a line and moving towards the I-95 corridor, prompting the issuance of a severe thunderstorm watch from western Maine down through Delaware, including the New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia metro areas.

More storms are firing up in the Washington D.C. area, with storms firing up along an outflow boundary (gust front) heading east through Montgomery, Fairfax, and Prince William Counties.

Severe thunderstorms are expected again tomorrow over roughly the same areas, forming along the cold front responsible for sending Arthur away from the coast after hitting North Carolina.

[Images via SimuAWIPS and Gibson Ridge]