A driver in Arlington, Virginia caught this video of a snowplow driving the wrong way down a snowy, hilly street in the Washington D.C. suburb this morning.

Jason Berry, the man who uploaded the video to YouTube described the scene in the video's description:

Crazy snow plow driver going the WRONG WAY on Military Road in Arlington VA. He forced my car into the other lane where I lost control and did a 180 - so I decided to follow him and take some video for a few seconds. I had been driving as cautiously as possible trying to get home, and not in an SUV. There simply is no excuse for someone driving a massive snow plow in the wrong lane through an intersection, at the crest of a blind hill top.

The website ARLnow interviewed Berry about the unsettling video, and obtained a statement from a manager who works for the division responsible for snow removal in Arlington County:

"As soon as the County learned of the unacceptable behavior, we identified the driver and removed him from duty," Hundelt said. "We will be taking appropriate action with this employee. Safety is a priority for the County, and we encourage any driver issues or concerns to be reported to the police."

[Screenshot and video via Jason Berry on YouTube]