A tornado struck a campground in Cheriton, Virginia around 9:00 this morning, killing two campers and injuring 26 more as the storm swept through the area. A news helicopter flying over the Cherrystone Campground for WAVY shows dozens of trees torn down along with many tents destroyed and strewn about.

Cheriton is located on Virginia's Eastern Shore, about an hour's drive north of Norfolk.

The tornado did not occur without warning from the National Weather Service, though it is unclear if the campers themselves received any warnings before the tornado struck.

The two people who died in Virginia this morning were the 42nd and 43rd tornado deaths so far this year in the United States. More than half of the people killed by tornadoes this year died in two storms produced during the April 27-28 outbreak.

[Map by Google Maps, image of tornado damage via WAVY-TV]