Cloudy skies for most. / Heavy snows in Nebraska. / Cantore will sleep.

The land's white blanket,
From Rockies to the ocean,
Deeper by the day.

Boston's still buried
Under the wicked deep snow.
Why is it so cold?

New Yorkers still reel
From last week's blizzard forecast.
Please get over it.

Arkansas winds howl,
As they in Oklahoma.
Dense fog hugs the ground.

The Gulf Coast sees rain.
Seventies in Florida,
You lucky bastards.

California rain,
Promise on the horizon.
L.A. will get snubbed.

Residents could see
A double-digit rainfall.
Watch out for mudslides.

Mountains wait for snow;
Several feet are possible.
Tomorrow's water.

A possible storm
Gallumphing east this weekend.
Maybe Northeast snow?

Forty-four days now
Until the return of spring.
Oh hallelujah!

[Images: NASA, Oklahoma Mesonet, WPC]

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