A group of oil workers in North Dakota had to flee by car on Monday as a large tornado came straight for their camp. As they were leaving, they took incredible video of the tornado from almost directly underneath it.

The tornado destroyed the camp shortly after the video stops, injuring 9 people but thankfully not killing anyone.

The video is full of harsh language, so if you have sensitive ears or don't like that sort of thing, mute your speakers before you hit play. But I greatly encourage you to watch the video — I've never see anything like it before.

If you're ever in a situation when you're at risk for being hit by a tornado, please don't get in your car and leave unless you're in a mobile home like the guys in this video. You have a chance of surviving if you're in your house — even if you're just in an interior closet — but you have little chance of surviving a tornado if you're in a car when it hits.

Also, if you absolutely have to be in a vehicle to get away from a tornado, please drive away from the storm like the guys in the video aren't doing.

[Screenshot via YouTube]