Last Night's Destructive Tornado in S.C. Is the Best Argument for Getting a Weather Radio

Dennis Mersereau · 09/25/15 03:12PM

Last night, a destructive tornado tore through a community near Charleston, S.C., destroying homes and lofting debris tens of thousands of feet into the air. Tornadoes were not in the forecast last night—this happened largely by surprise. Owning a weather radio is your best defense against unexpected natural disasters like this.

You Need to Buy a Weather Radio

Dennis Mersereau · 07/16/15 03:25PM

If you’re reading this at home, chances are you can look up from the screen and see at least one smoke detector. These life-saving devices are able to alert you to smoke from a fire, letting you get out before it’s too late. Weather radios do the same thing for hazards like tornadoes and floods. Every home, school, and business in the United States needs to be equipped with these critical devices that let you act before hazardous weather strikes.

Buying a Weather Radio Could Save Your Life

Dennis Mersereau · 03/13/14 01:30PM

As warm weather slowly creeps in, severe weather outbreaks will begin to happen more frequently. One of the most repeated phrases by victims after any weather disaster is "we had no warning!" With all the technology available today, that should never be the case. All homes, businesses, and schools should be equipped with a NOAA weather radio.