Dennis Mersereau · 09/24/15 12:56AM

Dennis Mersereau · 09/03/14 09:35AM

The Vane is enjoying some time off this week. We ("we") will be back in full capacity on Monday. Enjoy this photo we ("we") took of a thunderstorm the other day. Have a good week and happy weathering.

Rare Heat Burst Causes Temps to Soar to 95° at Night in Kansas Town

Dennis Mersereau · 06/04/14 07:40AM

A rare event known as a "heat burst" caused temperatures in Russell, Kansas last night to soar from 85° to 93° in less than an hour. To the east, Salina hit 95° at 1:00 AM. These phenomena usually occur in unpopulated areas, so not many people have heard of them. So, what is a heat burst, anyway?