Las Vegas Might See a Rare Snowstorm on New Year's Eve

Dennis Mersereau · 12/29/14 02:50PM

Las Vegas, the gambler's paradise in the desert whose average high sits at or above 100°F for three months of the year, is getting ready to see a rare and potentially dangerous snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday. The city could see up to three inches of snow on the ground by New Year's Day.

Rare Heat Burst Causes Temps to Soar to 95° at Night in Kansas Town

Dennis Mersereau · 06/04/14 07:40AM

A rare event known as a "heat burst" caused temperatures in Russell, Kansas last night to soar from 85° to 93° in less than an hour. To the east, Salina hit 95° at 1:00 AM. These phenomena usually occur in unpopulated areas, so not many people have heard of them. So, what is a heat burst, anyway?