Fickle October Brings Southwest Flooding, Twisters in Tenn. Valley

Dennis Mersereau · 10/06/14 12:43PM

Oh, October, you are a fickle month. After a beautiful weekend across much of the eastern two-thirds of the country, this week brings the wet remnants of a hurricane into the southwest and the risk of tornadoes to the Tennessee Valley this afternoon.

Storm Unleashes Crazy Torrent of Water in Colorado Springs

Dennis Mersereau · 07/16/14 09:04PM

Slow-moving thunderstorms around Colorado Springs this afternoon dumped enormous amounts of rain over the region in a short period of time, leading to dangerous flash flooding across the area. One resident of the city took this incredible video of the water pounding a bridge with the fury of Niagara Falls.

Flash Flood Emergency in Southeastern Mass. as Arthur Drops 6" of Rain

Dennis Mersereau · 07/04/14 04:30PM

New Bedford, Massachusetts is under a rare "flash flood emergency" this evening as Hurricane Arthur dropped more than six inches of rain over the city in just a couple of hours. Even though forecasts called for heavy rain, the intensity and amount of rainfall that occurred (and is ongoing) came as a surprise.

Hero French Save Rob Lowe from Major Flooding at Vacation Home

Dennis Mersereau · 06/27/14 08:00AM

Rob Lowe and his family were trying to have a normal, everyday vacation at their home in the French Riviera when the weather threw a wrench in their plans. The town of Grasse received "three months' worth of rainfall in four hours" on Wednesday according to The Weather Channel, and the resulting floods nearly washed away Lowe's home.

Slow-Moving Storms Prompt Flash Flood Warning in New York City, Newark

Dennis Mersereau · 05/23/14 07:11PM

A flash flood warning is in effect for areas around and including New York City and Newark, New Jersey as a slow-moving thunderstorm continues to drop a relatively large amount of rain in a short period of time. 2-3 inches of rain have fallen near Newark in the past few hours.

At Least Two Dead After Major Flooding on the Gulf Coast

Dennis Mersereau · 04/30/14 10:00AM

Between 10 and 15 inches of rain fell along the northern Gulf Coast in less than 24 hours yesterday, resulting in catastrophic flash flooding in cities along Interstate 10 from Mobile, Alabama to Pensacola, Florida. The National Weather Service issued a "flash flood emergency" for much of the area as both waterways and infrastructure were overwhelmed by the copious amounts of rain.