The single greatest cultural event in American history is back for a second helping this July as Syfy gets ready to release Sharknado 2: The Second One. The tornado of sharkic proportions terrorizes New York City this time around, and if you liked/hated the first one, you will love/loathe the second one.

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid return as Fin (yes, really) and April to crush some shark ass in the creatively-titled sequel centered around a freak weather system that drives sharks up the eastern seaboard and sends them airborne to wreak havoc on the city of eight million unfortunate people.

Sharknado 2 even features a cameo appearance by Matt Lauer and Al Roker, who appear as themselves talking about the catastrophe on the Today Show.

If you missed it, the first Sharknado premiered last July and is currently available for streaming on Netflix if you're bored and want to enrich your mind.

If you don't feel like watching, the movie focused on a freak climate change-fueled hurricane that forced the fuzzy, lovable creatures up the Pacific coast, who were then promptly swept up in a series of waterspouts and rained down on Los Angeles. Spoiler alert: they stopped the sharknado by lobbing propane tank bombs at the damn thing out of a helicopter.

The Vane plans extensive coverage of the finomenon in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.