Americans have a long, rich tradition of ascribing otherworldly explanations to things we don't understand, so when people see a rare cloud formation, they come up with the two most obvious explanations: the government did it, or UFOs.

We've discussed in detail the people who think da gummint is controlling the weather, but the trusted ol' UFO theory doesn't show up nearly enough anymore. A large sun halo appeared over the skies of Florida a few weeks ago, and a lady called 911 to report the unidentified flying object.

Thankfully for the internet, some folks in Stockton, California thought that they saw a UFO last Friday when a fallstreak hole, also called a "hole-punch cloud," appeared over the city. Judging by the pictures, it looks like the fallstreak experienced cloud iridescence which made it change colors.

It's perfectly natural.

Or, you know...aliens.

[Image via CBS Sacramento]