A major severe weather outbreak is getting ready to begin this afternoon, including the risk for several intense (violent, long-track) tornadoes, hail larger than 3.00" in diameter, and damaging winds in excess of 70 MPH. Numerous tornado watches are already in effect.

The major threat will be intense tornadoes from supercell thunderstorms across the yellow and red shaded areas on the map above. The black hatching indicates the risk for violent, long-track tornadoes.

The hail will also be incredibly dangerous, with some places seeing hail larger than baseballs.

As the afternoon progresses and the storms start to merge with one another, a strong squall line (line of thunderstorms) will develop towards the eastern area of the risk and the severe threat will transition from tornadoes/hail to damaging winds.

Severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes with little to no warning. If you're under the threat for severe weather today, keep an eye on updates from your local National Weather Service office throughout the day and be ready to take immediate action to protect yourself and those around you from dangerous weather.