A man in Edneyville, North Carolina found a hole in his ceiling the size of a bowling ball after this chunk of metal crashed through the roof and into his bedroom.

WLOS-TV reports that the man picked up the metal and immediately dropped it in fear that it was radioactive. After authorities determined that the metal was not radioactive, they speculated that the unidentified falling object came from an aircraft and sent it to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for inspection.

The FAA says that the metal likely did not come from an aircraft, leaving people to wonder about its origin.

Tornadoes are known to throw debris hundreds of miles from the storm, but there were no reports of tornadoes within 1000 miles of Edneyville on Monday.

Mysterious objects falling from the sky are not all that uncommon. Scientists have documented over 50 cases of "megacryometeors" — large, unexplained chunks of ice falling from the sky — in the past 14 years. A metal bar fell from the sky and through someone's roof in Seattle in June 2013. Another chunk of metal fell from the sky through the roof of a factory in Massachusetts in 2011.

No tests were conducted to see if the object was related to Tim Taylor.

[Image via WLOS]