A powerful thunderstorm swept through the Siberian capital of Novosibirsk on Saturday, bringing with it huge wind-driven hailstones that pelted surprised and panicked beachgoers. The video is intense, going from relative calm to chaos as the rain and hail sweep over a nearby bridge and onto the crowded beach.

As we often see during summertime thunderstorms in the U.S., the intensity of the rain and hail caused temperatures to drop like a rock — readings plummeted from more than 100°F to just 70°F in minutes, according to The Telegraph.

Siberia is widely known for its unbearably cold winters, but its geography allows for wild seasonal temperature shifts. Hot summer days like the one shown in the video are fairly common this time of year — Novosibirsk's average high sits in the upper-70s for most of the summer — which explains away how strange it sounds to say "people on the beach in Siberia."

While it's surprisingly rare for people to be injured by hail in the United States due to our network of weather radars and widespread severe thunderstorm warnings, most other countries do not have a severe weather warning system. Thankfully, The Telegraph also reports that it doesn't appear anyone was injured by the hailstorm.

That being said, the sound of thunder in the distance and the wall of hail and rain coming at the vacationers probably should have tipped them off to hightail it to safety.

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