Rainy, Windy Nor'easter Moving Nor'east Towards Nor'east

Dennis Mersereau · 09/24/14 01:55PM

The first nor'easter of the year is developing over nor'eastern Nor'Carolina this afternoon, leaving residents from D.C. to Boston getting ready for some much-needed rain. The term "nor'easter" is causing some concern for residents, but fear not: it's too warm to snow.

Dennis Mersereau · 09/23/14 04:08PM

This gorgeous low pressure system approaching the Pacific Northwest will bring gusty winds and heavy rains to the region over the next couple of days. Some areas could see more than three inches of rain over the next week.

Extremely Dry Air Invades United States, Comforting Millions

Dennis Mersereau · 09/22/14 04:07PM

This afternoon's satellite imagery shows an incredible slug of dry air moving across the south and east behind a cold front, bringing beautiful weather to millions of people. In fact, the air is so dry at 10,000 feet above sea level that its humidity is near zero percent in some spots.

Today Is Not the First Day of Fall

Dennis Mersereau · 09/22/14 12:27PM

Forget everything you hear and read about today's astronomical significance, as today is not the first day of fall. Today marks the autumnal equinox. Fall began three weeks ago, and any other opinion is wrong.

Is the Universe Collapsing?

Dennis Mersereau · 09/20/14 06:46PM

Yes! The Vane can confirm that the atmosphere is indeed collapsing, portending the eventual downfall of the universe. Stay tuned all next week for continuing coverage of the end of humanity. It will be my pleasure to guide you through our swift descent into the fiery depths of hell. Enjoy your weekend!

Chicago, Detroit Face a Risk for Severe Weather on Saturday

Dennis Mersereau · 09/19/14 02:02PM

It looks like the weather over the United States will briefly get interesting again over the next few days, and as with all interesting weather, it spells danger for millions of people. Areas from Chicago to Detroit are at risk for large hail, damaging winds, and possibly an isolated tornado tomorrow.

What Causes Atlantic Hurricanes to Curve Away From the U.S.?

Dennis Mersereau · 09/18/14 01:32PM

For the past week and change, we've watched Hurricane Edouard swirl its way through the central Atlantic. Its track is thousands of miles long at this point, yet it's affected nobody but some ships and some planes and some fish. What causes hurricanes to make such grand curves out in the ocean?

The Ultimate Tutorial for Writing Slimy Internet Hoaxes

Dennis Mersereau · 09/17/14 03:14PM

Have you ever wanted to get millions of hits on your blog without having to use one bit of your brain? Would you like to create a hoax disguised as satire in order to bring home a traffic bonanza? Do you aspire to be a slimebag? Boy have I got the tutorial for you!

Dennis Mersereau · 09/16/14 03:01PM

Here's a look at Hurricane Edouard as it churns out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the basin's first major hurricane since Sandy in 2012. It will safely curve away from Bermuda and impact the Azores as a post-tropical depression with some gusty winds and heavy rain later this week.

ABC News Meteorologist: "Like Most People, Weather Makes Me Horny"

Dennis Mersereau · 09/16/14 02:49PM

Most broadcast mets won't say "heck" for fear that their more easily-offended viewers will stiff them. ABC News Meteorologist Rob Marciano likes to live on the hard edge. A loud crack of thunder can be exciting, but I don't know how many weather geeks would admit it puts a kink in their isobar.

Cabo San Lucas Devastated by Category Three Hurricane Odile

Dennis Mersereau · 09/15/14 05:17PM

In the worst case scenario come true, the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula took a direct hit from Hurricane Odile last night. The storm, a category three with winds of 125 MPH at landfall, caused colossal damage to the heavily-frequented tourist destination, including Cabo San Lucas.

Those Animated "Real-Time" Wind Maps Are Fooling You

Dennis Mersereau · 09/15/14 01:51PM

If you have a social media account, chances are you've seen someone share one of those beautiful streamline maps that people commonly say show "real-time" winds flowing around the world. There's just one li'l problem: nobody is using them correctly.

Unleash Your Inner Geek With These Excellent Weather Radar Programs

Dennis Mersereau · 09/15/14 12:27PM

If you're a weather geek and have a few bucks to burn, there are quite a few excellent weather radar programs available for download. Trying to judge which one is the best can be tough, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's take a look at the best (and the worst) weather radar programs.

Dangerous Category Four Hurricane Odile Set to Blast Baja California

Dennis Mersereau · 09/14/14 11:57AM

Hurricane Odile (pronounced "oh-DEAL") is a category four hurricane this afternoon with winds of 135 MPH. The storm is on a direct path towards the Baja California, and the worst winds are expected to rake much of the peninsula over the next few days.

Who Wants to Buy The Weather Channel?

Dennis Mersereau · 09/12/14 03:42PM

Bloomberg reports that the companies that own The Weather Channel—including Bain Capital, Blackstone, and NBC Universal—appear to be in the beginning stages of talks to sell the Atlanta-based weather behemoth. The question is: who would buy it? Let's speculate!

Dennis Mersereau · 09/12/14 11:05AM

Tropical Storm Edouard poses no threat to land as it churns in the Atlantic (towards the left side of the image). Another tropical wave sitting off the African coast has a 20% chance of developing over the next few days, per the NHC.