East Coast Storm Could Bring Two Feet of Snow or Rain or Bright Sunshine

Dennis Mersereau · 12/15/14 03:10PM

The weather models are hinting at a potentially significant winter storm in the eastern United States this weekend, but they're vague on the small details like "what will happen?" Washington D.C., for instance, could see either one or fourteen inches of snow, or rain, or sunshine. Welcome to winter!

Belly of the Beast: What It's Like to Spend a Day at The Weather Channel

Dennis Mersereau · 12/12/14 01:59PM

Through major hurricanes and sunny days, few media companies have created as much reach, recognition, and unlikely controversy as The Weather Channel. I lived out a weather geek's dream on Wednesday and flew to Atlanta to visit their headquarters for a day, and it was incredible experience to see how they work.

What Is a "Weather Bomb?" The Vane Explains

Dennis Mersereau · 12/11/14 05:31PM

A major storm in the North Atlantic caused extreme winds and monster waves in the United Kingdom on Wednesday. Scotland's mountainous St. Kilda Island even recorded a 144 MPH wind gust during the height of the storm. People are breathlessly calling this a "weather bomb." What exactly is a weather bomb, anyway?

Residents Kayak in the Streets as Major Storm Slams West Coast

Dennis Mersereau · 12/11/14 02:33PM

The West Coast is famous for its "feast or famine" approach to the weather, and true to form, people from southern California through British Columbia are getting clobbered by an immense storm. The storm is causing so many issues that it's tough to list them all. Welcome back to the world of weather, West Coasters.

Want a White Christmas? Don't Listen to the Grinches at AccuWeather 

Dennis Mersereau · 12/09/14 05:29PM

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones you used to know? "Not so fast," say the grinches over at AccuWeather. They issued a decree this afternoon declaring that anything less than an inch of snow on the ground is not, in fact, a white Christmas. They are wrong.

A Storm Will Bring Heavy Rain, 70 MPH Winds to the West Coast This Week

Dennis Mersereau · 12/08/14 04:58PM

A strong Pacific storm will start to affect the West Coast beginning Tuesday night and lasting through Thursday. Heavy rain, very strong winds, rough surf, and coastal flooding are all likely from British Columbia down through California. Along the Oregon coast, especially, winds could gust above 70 MPH at times.

Hide Your Kids and Run to the Store, a Nor'easter Is Coming Tomorrow

Dennis Mersereau · 12/08/14 02:29PM

A nor'easter (!!!!) is slated to dump heavy rain and snow from Pennsylvania to Maine starting tomorrow morning, and some folks could see double-digit snow totals by the time it's over. For a pleasant change of pace, there's not much uncertainty in who will get how much of what and when.

Dennis Mersereau · 12/06/14 06:39PM

Netflix just added Syfy's Sharknado 2 to their movie lineup. It was a terrible movie that was terrible on purpose, and it was glorious. The cable network is releasing Sharknado 3 next July, this time destroying Washington D.C. and Orlando with its teethy rage.

Major Damage Likely as Violent Typhoon Hagupit Nears the Philippines

Dennis Mersereau · 12/05/14 01:59PM

Typhoon Hagupit is approaching the Philippines today as a violent typhoon with winds of 120 MPH and gusts up to 170 MPH. The storm will bring catastrophic flooding, mudslides, significant wind damage, and a 13-foot storm surge to parts of the island country over the weekend.

Dennis Mersereau · 12/04/14 12:31PM

FiveThirtyEight published a piece this morning exploring which parts of the country have "unpredictable" weather based on how much day-to-day weather deviates from climatology. Jason Samenow at the Capital Weather Gang sums up my thoughts perfectly. (See also.)

Daylight Brings Terrifying View of Super Typhoon Aiming for Philippines

Dennis Mersereau · 12/03/14 07:08PM

Super Typhoon Hagupit is raging in the western Pacific Ocean at this hour with winds around 150 MPH. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center predicts that Hagupit could have 185 MPH winds when it comes perilously close to making landfall in the Philippines over the weekend.

Hot in December? You're Probably Not Reading These Maps Correctly

Dennis Mersereau · 12/02/14 04:59PM

One of the biggest (and most welcome) weather stories today is that a warm-up is slated to descend over the United States during the next two weeks. The maps we use to show the possibility of above-average temperatures are being misread by much of the public, and that's a problem.