Technicians at the Oklahoma Army National Guard base in Tulsa accidentally triggered the fire suppression system in a hangar on Tuesday morning, causing foam to comically flood out of the hangar onto the tarmac. In a freak coincidence, a dust devil formed on the base and kicked up a foamnado.

News 9 reports that technicians were testing the fire alarm and fire-fighting systems when one of workers accidentally triggered the hangar's fire suppression system. Ten Black Hawk helicopters were affected by the foam, some of which were in the hangars with their doors open when the flood of foam swept through.

The station's news chopper pilot also flies Black Hawks at the base, and he says "it will take weeks to get all the choppers cleaned and cleared for flight."

This isn't the first time an airport experienced a major foam spill. Back in 2008, a spill at the Long Beach Airport in California filled up a good portion of one of the property's hangars, covering both people and vehicles in the fluffy fire-fighting chemical.

[Images via News9]

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