A meteorologist for a television station in Ohio Anthony Weinered himself on Twitter this morning when he sent out a shirtless selfie, only to delete it a few minutes later and then blame his wife for doing it on a dare.

Mark Johnson, the chief meteorologist for WEWS in Cleveland, Ohio, first sent out the torso pic on his verified account shortly before noon today:

He quickly deleted the picture and sent out another Tweet, which was also deleted in haste:

The final version of his story is that his wife did it on a dare:

I reached out to Mark to see if his wife really sent out the picture (suuure) and he's sticking to his story that she did. [3:17PM Update — Mark has since deleted all of his Tweets related to the incident, including the one I embedded in this article. Here's a screenshot.]

The whole incident calls back to my post yesterday asserting that nobody cares about your Tweets. Unless you're the chief meteorologist for an Ohio television station and you send out a shirtless picture of yourself and say that your wife did it on a dare. Then people might care, or at least feign interest.

Thanks to the puritanical rules by which they have to abide, local television news personalities rarely slip up and say "hell" in public let alone send out pictures like this, so analog incidents are few and far between. The closest nightmare I can think of is when Geraldo Rivera sent out a shirtless picture of himself on purpose, which, heed my warning, you can't unsee.

[Screenshots via Twitter]