Contrasting with Florida Man's terrible luck, a New York man is incredibly fortunate this afternoon after falling sixty feet into a gorge in Letchworth State Park on Sunday evening. When crew rescued him a few hours later, they discovered that he didn't have a scratch on him.

22-year-old Timothy Mazurczak went hiking with a friend on Sunday when he stepped too close to the edge of a cliff and fell. The Genesee Sun detailed the work that went into his rescue:

It took more than two dozen rescuers from State Park Police, Livingston County ALS, and Cuylerville, Leicester, and Mount Morris Fire Departments more than two hours to get ropes and climbers down the sheer rock wall to Tim in the fading light.

At nearly 7:00 PM, Tim was hoisted unharmed back to the top of the overlook, where he walked himself to an ambulance to be checked for injuries. Besides a good deal of mud on his hoodie and jeans, he was apparently none the worse for wear after his ordeal.

WKBW-TV in Buffalo notes that he walked away from the ordeal with nothing but a ticket for not using "designated trails."

Unfortunately, not everyone who's fallen off the jagged terrain in the park has seen a similar outcome. Two people have died just this year after falling into the gorge. This past October, a 14-year-old boy slipped off the edge of a cliff and fell 200 feet to his death, and a hiker met a similar fate after succumbing to his injuries last February.

Letchworth State Park is located just west of the Finger Lakes and about 40 miles south of Rochester. The park is known as "the Grand Canyon of the East" for the miles of steep cliffs that surround the Genesee River as it passes through the area.

[Image: Letchworth State Park by Peter Hoffmann via Flickr]

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