As part of an annual tradition where everyone's latent trust issues with each other erupt in either laughter or the rage of a thousand suns, the entire country is eagerly waiting to see what stupid crap their local weathermen have in store for this year's April Fools' Day.

April Fools' Day (probably) started a few thousand years ago in Persia, and continues to the present as the one day a year Google tries to be funny instead of reading your email.

Most of the pranks won't be outlandish — a surprise graphic thrown into the on-camera presentation, an outlandish forecast, some sort of a green screen prank, false reports of snow/hail/whatever somewhere — but it'll be just enough to make everyone suspicious of what they hear for the next 13 hours.

The thing that sucks is that there is a good chance for severe weather today in the southern and central Plains, with large hail and a few tornadoes possible across parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. The risk for "very large hail" (larger than golf balls) exists in north-central Texas around Abilene and Wichita Falls.

Have fun today (the ol' "make reporters eat gross food" bit is classic), and don't believe anything you read.

Unless you're under the gun for severe weather, of course. Then please pay attention to what you read.