An enormous mudslide that's reported to be 4 miles long, 2 miles wide, and around 250 feet deep occurred Sunday night in Mesa County, Colorado, a few dozen miles to the east of Grand Junction. As of 10PM MDT, 3 people were unaccounted for.

The incredibly large mudslide occurred somewhere in the area I've circled on the map above, east of the small town of Collbran, Colorado. Collbran sits at an elevation of ~6,000 feet at the base of a row of mountains that peak around 10,000 feet.

Heavy rain on the order of about one inch fell around the site of the mudslide on Sunday.

If the reports are accurate, the slide is much larger than the one that occurred in Washington back in March of this year. The Oso mudslide, which killed 41 people, was a quarter of a mile long and eight-tenths of a mile wide.

Collbran is a town of 700 people located on the western side of Colorado, about 40 miles east of Grand Junction.

[Images via Google Maps]