Here are all of the severe thunderstorm (blue), tornado (red), and flash flood warnings (green) issued in the past 7 days. To say that this was an "active week" is an understatement. The past week has seen nearly 2,000 severe weather warnings go into effect, and this doesn't include the 200+ warnings that were issued on Sunday.

Here's the map for Sunday as of about 10:00PM EDT:

In total, there were 1,985 reports of severe weather for the period: 102 tornado reports (keep in mind that many of which can be/were repeated for the same tornado); 1,155 damaging wind reports; and 776 reports of hail as large or larger than quarters. This averages out to 248 severe weather reports per day.

Things should start to quiet down a little bit as we head into the upcoming week, but never let your guard down during this time of the year.

I'll have a more in-depth look at the severe weather coming up either Monday or Tuesday.

[Images via NWS]