A meteor exploded in the skies over Yellowknife, Canada yesterday morning in a spectacular fireball that lit up the night sky like day and produced a sonic boom over the city several minutes later.

Photographer Yuichi Takasaka caught the incredible sight while he was photographing the Aurora Borealis over the isolated city in northwestern Canada. The CBC reports that neither the fireball nor the resultant sonic boom caused any damage.

One of the most famous and well-known fireballs in recent memory occurred over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk back in February 2013. The meteor crashed to Earth over the city of 1.1 million in a bright fireball that was captured on video by dashboard cameras on numerous vehicles in the area. The sonic boom and air burst from the explosion over Chelyabinsk was so intense that it destroyed several buildings and injured nearly 1,500 people.

[Image by Yuichi Takasaka via SpaceWeather.com]