The recent warm weather melted enough snow that it left less than 10% of the United States covered by a blanket of evil white sky death for the first time since November 20. The trend is welcome news for snow haters, but it likely won't last much longer.

As of yesterday, only 9.6% of the United States had a trace of snow on the ground. The last time there was no snow anywhere in the continental United States was September 21 of last year, and that number slowly grew to a seasonal high of 67.4% on February 7.

All four runs of the GFS model yesterday showed some amount of snow falling over the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes region early next week. It's too early to say how much (if it even happens), but it's a sign that winter isn't quite over yet.

Update: Today's analysis shows that snow cover across the lower 48 is now down to 8.9%.

[Image via NOAA]