It brings me happiness to report that Dear Leader Kim Jong-un has spoken about the most serious of issues regarding the weather forecasting situation in North Korea. Rodong Sinmun reports that Poppin' Fresh is quite pissed that his country's weather forecasts are inaccurate.

Kim recently visited the country's hydrometeorological service, where he met the forecasters and told 'em what for:

He said that there are many incorrect forecasts as the meteorological observation has not been put on a modern and scientific basis, adding that only when meteorological observation and forecast are done properly, is it possible to protect the lives and properties of the people from disasters caused by the abnormal climatic phenomenon and prevent various fields of national economy including agriculture and fishery from natural disasters in good time.

"It is necessary to fundamentally improve the work of the Hydro-meteorological Service in order to scientifically clarify meteorological and climatic conditions and provide accurate data for weather forecast and meteorological and climatic information required by various fields of national economy in good time", he noted.

It's a sad fact that lowly meteorologists are even necessary in North Korea, but they're needed now that Kim Jong-il is dead: the late leader made people believe that he could control the weather based on his mood.

Fear not for the safety of the weathermen, friends. Rodong Sinmun assures the world that Kim Jong-un dressed-down the forecasters with "deep, loving care."

[Image via Rodong Sinmun | h/t Capital Weather Gang]