It's hot. Not hot hot, but hot. There's hot and hot hot and dry hot and wet hot and comfortable hot and miserable hot. But what, exactly, is hot?

Hot is relative, of course. Hot in Maine is not hot in Texas. Hot in Texas is hot hot in Maine. The same hot in Greensboro is not the same hot in Phoenix even though both are the same measure of hot. Dry hot does not feel hot until it's hot hot. Wet hot feels hot when it's not even all that hot.

As we enter summer, it's going to keep getting hotter. People complain about the cold in winter, people complain about the hot in summer. It's a natural cycle.

But Charlotte's Weather-Guru-in-Chief Brad Panovich posed a question on Twitter yesterday:

So yes it's hot but it's not hot hot even though we're pretending it's hot hot. It hasn't even begun to get hot hot.

You're on the hot seat: how hot is hot?

[Image via WJLT-FM]